About Us

We would like to introduce ourselves, as a logistics company, Smart Logistics Solutions is a freight forwarding company created in 2016. The company is located in Alexandria, Egypt, a major transport node and a favorable geographic point which is able to handle your shipments worldwide by sea or air against very sharp rates and best possible service.

  • Our strength lies in a talented, internationally minded team with sill sets to handle growing business. We foster strong ethical values and a team spirit that rewards commitment and initiative
  • Our IT platform provides us to connect all parties along a supply chains, allowing for the consolidation and compilation of various monitoring channels to create a win situation for all
  • We are increasingly working with our clients to manage their risk in those parts of the supply chain where we have the expertise.
  • We have expanded our services into logistics, disbursement management, crew logistics, spare parts logistics, vessel lay-up services and accommodation – in effect any marine or cargo service that adds value
  • Our goal is to be our clients’ first choice as a global outsourcing partner

Why Smart Logistics Solutions

Provides All Logistics Solutions

Smart Logistics Solutions provides comprehensive logistics solutions and services for all your product requirements. We are a logistics company that will provide all your freight services, transportation, clearance, warehousing and distribution.Also, we ensure to provide the proper insurance licensing and safety for transportation of your goods.

Network of Trusted Agents

We offer full overland service worldwide, backed by dedicated and highly trained personnel who are commMoving Freight is what we do best, with our extensive network of our trusted agents and carriers we will provide all your freight services and coordinate your shipments every step of the way

Various Freight Services

We can provide everything you need as Domestic and cross border shipments, Specialized freight equipment’s such as flat bed, trailers, step decks, Hazardous goods transportation, Temperature controlled transportation, Expedited freight loads, Protect from freeze and Multimodal

Lower Operation Cost

We offer best quality and functionality at best price. We provide efficient and cost effective logistics, this allow you to focus on your core competencies while leaving the logistics to us

Experienced & Expert team

Every shipment is looked after by our expert, well trained team and they can arrange a proper carrier for your shipments. Our team are flexible and will provide customized solutions for all your freight logistics

Commitment (Cost&Timing)

We know that true success is about customer satisfaction. We made it our goal to continue to develop the services that will save our customers time and money

  • Customer Expectations
  • We seek to achieve not only what is asked but also use creativity to provide best services and solutions above and beyond what is expected

  • Availability
  • We are available wherever and whenever you need us 24/7, just ask us and we will be ready to answers